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Are you an organisation empowering farmers through agriculture and digital literacy programs?

Join hands with us to revolutionize the way you approach agriculture. 

The iKnowFarm App offers a farmers’ forum, farming guides, a marketplace for inputs, real-time weather forecasts, and market updates, which makes reaching and empowering farmers easier than ever.

Seize this opportunity to harness technology and innovation to reach more farmers effectively. Together, let’s cultivate a brighter future for small holder farmers in Uganda!

Hi, I'm iKnowFarm App

i provide access to agriculture & production information

iKnowFarm application is developed to provide 24/7 agricultural information and link farmers to markets. The app also provides extension workers with training material. The app’s major goal is to address food insecurity and poverty in Uganda.

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A Few Words

About Us

iKnowFarm is a mobile app designed to help farmers improve their crops and livestock yields and manage their farm activities with ease. Our goal is to make farming more efficient and productive for small scale farmers in Uganda and beyond. Our team consists of experienced professionals in both technology and agriculture, dedicated to creating innovative solutions that improve the lives of farmers. Join us in revolutionizing the farming industry and experience the benefits of iKnowFarm today

Why iKnowFarm?

We are more than just an app!

The iKnowFarm app brings you a number of new possibilities and a very simple way to prosper in your agricultural endeavors

Contextualised Content

Free market and farming Information on specific crops and livestock, plus weather forecast for 14 days

Free Ad Space

Space for market oriented farmers to advertise their products for free

Freely Network

The farmers forum allows users to share knowledge and learn from each other

Several Languages

Available in English, French, Runyankole, Swahili, Luganda, lugbara &

Precisely Infographic

Access to information through a wide range of formats, i.e text mannuals,
pictorial, audio, and video formats

Minimal bandwidth

It is customized to be used offline after download, so farmers in rural setting will not have issues using it in areas with internet problems

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