iKnowFarm - Josephs farming transformation


Joseph, a resilient refugee from the Imvepi refugee settlement, once faced numerous challenges in farming. His primary crops, maize, and sorghum, struggled due to the long maturity period and frequent floods from the nearby river. This constant battle against nature left Joseph searching for a more sustainable and productive farming solution.

One day, Joseph noticed his neighbor, Mokili, achieving great success with his vegetable garden. Curious, Joseph learned that Mokili used the iKnowFarm App for farming tips and guidance. With Mokili’s help, Joseph switched to vegetable farming. This change brought quicker harvests and better resilience to floods.

Seeing the benefits, Joseph is now saving to buy a smartphone to access the iKnowFarm App himself. His goal is to improve his farming practices and secure a better future.

Joseph’s story highlights the power of community support and technology in overcoming farming challenges. The iKnowFarm App has transformed his approach, offering hope and practical solutions for many farmers like him.

Discover the iKnowFarm App and see how it can make a difference in your farming journey!

Follow Joseph’s story until his first harvest here. Consider subscribing.

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